About Us

Throughout our history at Fletcher’s Arcade we’ve always been looking for new ways of doing things to keep the gaming experience for our visitors fresh and exciting. Whether it’s our live slots, classic arcade games or retro video games, rest assured we always select the best games available and provide the best environment possible to switch-off and relax whilst immersing yourself in your chosen game(s) as possible.

Gambling Machines

Offering Live Slots (Gambling Machines) has always been a major element of our business. The Odds of winning (wherever possible) are enabled to be as high as possible in order to return our players with as much entertainment as possible. Sometimes our customers feel lucky, sometimes they feel unlucky, that is the nature of gambling! (see our Social Responsibility Page).

We always endeavour to keep our customers happy, after all, generations of our customers have been coming back since 1920! In 2015 having listened to our customers, we re-jigged the layout of the arcade again in order to provide a wider adult entertainment experience.

£500 Jackpot Live Slot Gaming

We've Put Back In

We’ve ‘Put Back In’ many of the Classic 80’s Video Games that have nowadays become Retro!

Fletch Says… does this mean if we used to play them here in the 80’s, we are not now Old, we are just Retro?

We have also ‘put back in’ some Classic Arcade Games. Currently just Pinball, Coin Pushers and Tippers. But in our workshops, we are restoring some older games:– more Pinball – What The Butler Saw – Strength Tester – Allwins – Love Meter – The Elephant Treasure Trove . We are hoping these will add more nostalgic entertainment variety for our patrons arcade experience.

Space Invaders and Pac-Man

Who is Fletch?

From time to time you will see in our site ‘Fletch says’

Who is Fletch?

Fletch is the nickname of Joe Fletcher, the Great Grandson of Joe Fletcher who opened the original Fletcher’s Arcade on the same site in 1920 as today’s Arcade. So look out for ‘Fletch Says’.

Above is a picture of Fletcher’s Arcade way back in the 1920’s… as you wills see, things have changed a bit over the years but one constant has been that Fletcher’s Arcade always has, and always will, provide some escapist fun!

Who is Fletch?