Crazy Crazy Golf

Following much use of elbow grease, our Crazy Crazy Golf course has come to fruition and is proving a great hit with visitors who swing by (no pun intended … well, maybe a little intent). We always strive to provide the best entertainment and innovations to give our guests the best experience when visiting us and our Crazy Crazy Golf is one such example.

Test Your Skills

Our Crazy Crazy Golf course features 9 holes of fun and amusement and ideal for golfers and non-golfers alike … in actual fact, being a pro golfer won’t necessarily give you an advantage on our course!

All the holes are completely bespoke so we can guarantee you won’t find a course similar to play anywhere in the UK – or further afield for that matter – and each has a theme with a clue to the nature of the hole in its name: The Man Hole and Rock N Roll Hole being a couple of favourites!

When you come an play Joe Joe Jims Crazy Crazy Golf make sure you keep your scorecard updated and let the Green Keeper know if you have a Special Score, good or bad, and see where your score fits with those who have played before you.

Crazy Golf Hole