From Arcade to Games Bar?

If you’re reading this article you’re obviously interested in gaming arcades!

People from all walks of life, for all manner of reasons, enjoy gaming and/or live slots and whilst the industry has changed significantly from the dawn of the ‘video arcades’ of the 1970s – where retro classics such as space invaders and Pac-Man ruled the roost – many arcades, including Fletcher’s Arcade itself, have kept pace with changes in the industry and public taste to continue providing a great environment in which to relax and enjoy a bit of escapism … and even have the chance to win a few bob along the way.

From Arcade to Games Bar News ArticleHowever, what may have worked as an environment for such escapism in the 1970s is not necessarily what the, perhaps more sophisticated clientele want from such an establishment today. Whereas in days gone by, arcades were in part the preserve of families and children, there has been a shift over the past 10-20 years to providing adult-only environments – this has been in -part due to the various changes in licensing/regulations and in-part due to a divide widening between the new core customer-base and the traditional customer-base.

Removing the ‘child friendly’ elements from gaming arcades has been a growing trend in the US for a number of years and has allowed them to concentrate on providing an environment more conducive with the immersive experience today’s gamers and slot gamblers are looking for in their favourite leisure activity.

Where’s this article going I hear you ask (Fletch says: “yes, I was definitely beginning to wonder that!“)?

Well, as the title of the article suggests, in providing an adult-only environment there are certain elements that can be introduced to enhance the experience that previously would have been impossible. The emerging trend now, and again this has been a growing movement in the US, is to create a hybrid of a bar and games arcade. This shift ties-in with the concept of providing a total entertainment environment, or at least providing a venue where a full evening out can be enjoyed as opposed to previously serving only one purpose of gaming then customers would move elsewhere for a drink or a meal etc.

At Fletcher’s Arcade we are always striving to provide the best experience for or customers and responding to the ever-changing leisure environment and so, as anyone who has visited us over the past few months will know, major changes are afoot at the Arcade.

Rumour has it that Fletch has indeed secured an alcohol license and is in the process of creating a bar, along with a number of other major enhancements to the site – at least, we think that’s why he’s constantly covered in sawdust and walking around with a hammer glued to his hand – which should be coming to fruition very soon. We say watch this space for the completion of the current works when we are hoping to unveil an exciting new experience for our existing customers and hopefully offer something for those who have yet to visit us but are looking for something fresh to fill their leisure time.