Joe Joe Jim’s Rednal Bar is now Open!

It probably won’t have escaped anyone’s attention but there have been a few ‘minor’ alterations going-on at Fletcher’s Arcade over the past few months – you probably also will have noticed Fletch on a mission running around with a variety of tools in his hands, covered in plaster dust and with a determined, albeit distant, look in his eyes!

Jo Jo Jim's Rednal Cafe BarWell, this work is now bearing fruit with the opening of the fully licensed Joe Joe Jim’s Bar which offers a range of drinks and bar snacks at the Arcade and offers a welcome addition to Rednal for those seeking refreshment.

Joe Joe Jim’s is open every day until 10.30/11.00 and available to customers of the Arcade as well as to those weary travellers who are just looking for somewhere relax with a drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and maybe enjoy a few games.

Next-up on Fletch’s ‘to-do’ list is completing the Crazy Crazy Golf course but we’ll wait until the New Year to settle his frazzled nerves before reminding him of that!