Responsible Gambling Week – 12th to 18th October

As part of our Social Responsibility Policy, we at Fletchers’s Arcade take great care to ensure a safe gambling environment for our customers and are always alert to identifying and tackling gambling addiction and related issues.

Responsible Gambling Week Logo

We are pleased that this year, there is a coming together of the gambling industry to raise awareness of, and to promote, responsible gambling.

The program brings together arcades, bingo clubs, bookmakers, casinos and online with their trade bodies and even Parliament, to raise awareness of the importance of responsible gambling and how to spot the danger signs and how help can be sought if required.

Gambling addiction, and gambling-related problems, fortunately effect a minority of gamblers but it is very important that such initiatives as Responsible Gambling Week raise awareness of such issues and provide for a coming together of interested parties and service providers within the industry to help to both destigmatise and address the problem in a constructive and helpful way.

More details can be found on the Responsible Gambling Week website – and at