Classic Arcade Games

ONLY Classic Arcade Games will do @ Fletchers Arcade. Having decided to include more Classic Arcade Games in the Re-Booted Arcade, recently we have purchased, begged, borrowed or been donated many Great Games from around the country, from Penzance to Sunderland, not forgetting Pontefract!

We Dig Out Some Gems!

When was the last time you saw The Daytona USA Twin Player – the first driving game with ‘Feedback Steering’?

Daytona USA Video Game

What Games Make the Cut?

Not just any old game will do! It has got to be a Classic for some reason or another?

To date we have ‘Let Back Out In The Wild’ (the ‘Wild’ is for ‘The General Publics Play’!) Classic 2p and 10p Coin Pushers, Tippers and Flickers. Guns ‘n’ Roses Pinball – One of the Best Music Pintables Ever.

Classic Arcade Penny Push

What's in the Workshop?

In our Workshops (Workshops or Storage is Captivity!) we are restoring some more Classic Games:– more Pinballs – Guitar Freaks – What The Butler Saw – Strength Tester – Allwins – Love Meter – The Elephant Treasure Trove.

We are hoping these will add even more nostalgic entertainment variety for our patron`s authentic arcade atmosphere experience. (Buzz).

The Adams Family Pinball

Arcade Art

Come see the Machine Glasses we have on the walls in the Arcade (If we have the glass off a machine, ‘In the Game’ this means only one thing? )

Fletch Says… I am ashamed to admit I am the culprit for having been the one who saved the machine glasses of the Great and the Good from Back in the Day!!! (Confession, I, yes ME, smashed the machine-up) Now I am fully aware this puts me as public enemy No1 in the Retro Scene, but, but but, hear me out, I have a Charitable Plan in order to atone for these Sins.

I will be put in ‘Stocks’ on the front of the Arcade by Retro Max (he knows who he is) and ‘Retreurs’ can pummel me with wet sponges, water balloons and buckets of water.. 20p – 50p – £2 respectively.. ALL proceeds to Alzhiemers Charity. Whada Ya Think?

Antique Arcade Games