Live Slots

We usually have available for play over 50 *Live Slot Games. Fletchers range of Slots includes: Favourites, Classics and some of the Best Latest Games.

Fletch says… our customers regularly let us know which games are worth getting and which are definitely not! We strive to always have our clienteles `Favourite` established games, `Classic` Games, as well as Proven `New` Games.

Classic to New Games

Fletch Says… you may not know, that some games are released and in some other locations just because they are new, not because they are proven customer favourites!

We are increasing our collection of Classic Slots. This phenomenon is relatively new. Established Players being happier playing classic games with the old £5/10 Jackpots purely for the play/game appeal opposed to the latest £100 Jackpot games.

Our range of Stakes per game, range from just 10 pence up to £2 per spin. So if your preference or budget is just literally a few pounds, you`re as welcome as all our clientele

Live slot games

Low Tech to High Tech Games

Low Tech Games: (Bar X Genre). Usually more suitable for beginners and/or multi game players, although some of our established Players still prefer them.

High Tech Games: (Multi-Feature/Trail Genre). More preferable for established players who understand the in depth details of individual games play and feature manipulation.

Classic Slots: Great Games from Back in the Day! With these games, it`s all about the memories they can and do, bring back from Back in the Day.

Although our Customer Assistants are on hand to explain the basics of machine play and direct new players to different Game Genres and Low Stake Games, they are not converse or permitted to assist in actual game play or historical information.

We are happy to offer complimentary Fresh Coffee etc to our Gambling Clientele.

The Big Deal live slot game

Why the Term 'Live' Slots?

Fletch Says… Live Slots has become the current term of `Fruit Machines` or the older still term of `One Armed Bandits` since playing on-line `Virtual` Slots has been possible.

Our Trade Association BACTA (British Amusement Caterers Trades Association) is forthright in promoting Social Responsibility and ensuring safeguards are in place to protect vulnerable players.

We understand Live Slots Gambling as being a safer form of gaming entertainment than playing on-line ‘Virtual Slots’ (see our Social Responsibility Page).

Over 18s Only at Fletcher's Arcade