Retro Video Games

Recently we have been returning many of the classic 80’s Video Games, Pac-Man, Defender, Space Invaders, Track and Field etc, that have nowadays become Retro to their rightful place to be enjoyed by visitors to Fletcher’s Arcade!

Fletch Says… Does this mean we are now Old, or just ‘Pre-Retro’ because we played them here in the 80’s?

Join the Retro Video Game Revolution!

Since 2003 we had been an Adult Only style of arcade providing Live Slots and just a select few Classic Arcade Games. See below, how we have changed.

Currently there is a growing Worldwide interest in Retro Arcade Games, particularly Retro Video Gaming, which has been gaining in popularity for a few years, but NOW it is being reported that there are many micro business’ opening up offering the re-creation of the ‘arcade atmosphere experience’ (The Buzz).

Table arcade video game

Keeping Ahead of the Pack!

Well, some are sheep and some are … well, whatever the analogy, guess who has never stopped offering a true arcade experience and continues offering the best in retro video gaming to this very day?

Although we have evolved over the decades to keep up with social gaming trends, we have the authentic ‘BUZZ’ in our place that comes from still being the very same place that had buzz ‘Back in the Day’!

Classic video game Defender

You Can't Beat the Real Thing!

Of recent times, playing games on-line has become the norm for many folk whihc, of course, has its place and is a great way to explore many games from the comfort of your home however, we think there’s nothing like the rush of actually playing ‘live’ in an arcade!

Fletcher’s Arcade has always maintained the social benefits of `Actual` play, out-weighs the private allure of ‘Virtual’ on-line play appeal and its security issues. (See our Social Responsibility Page).

Collection of classic arcade games